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An Attempt to Set Goals

Hey guys, I want to talk a little about setting goals, and more-so, not having the motivation to do them. I'm sorry for dropping this straight into a dark spot there, but trust me, this isn't a bad post!

So, by now everyone has heard of the terms "you get out what you put in" and "Hard work pays off". I truly believe these are relatively true. Let me give you a little context...

From a very young age, I was always an ambitious person. Forever having my head in the clouds of being famous, successful and generally doing well at life. I was also very creative, and dabbled in literally anything that took my interest. I was a YouTuber, a designer, a musician, a producer, a photographer, a filmmaker, a writer, a clothes designer, a games designer, the list honestly goes on. Some of these endeavours lasted longer than others, and some were more successful than others. I mean, I still design, I still make games, and hell, I still want to do pretty much all the things I've mentioned. Special effects was one of these small things. Somewhere between 2011 - 2012, I was introduced to special effects through a friend, and I was hooked. She dropped the interest quite rapidly but as you can tell, I kinda ran with it. Starting off with a little scar wax and some blood I played around more and more, invested more money and time as the years went on, and look at me now! As far as I'm concerned, I'm still very new to this world. I've never done a piece that's been on television or in the cinema, however I have won an award for my effects and my work is used in training videos for the fire service, so I guess I'm doing pretty well!

However, with that being said, none of it would of been possible if I didn't set goals, and had the help I have to actually do them. I've had support from family, friends and my partner, who if she didn't push me to establish myself, I wouldn't of even had this website!

I understand how hard completing tasks can be. As someone who suffers from depression, and some other minor "head things", I know that sometimes, hell even most of the time, it can seem totally pointless to set goals, because what's the point? I've been there more times than I can remember, and it's mainly the reason why I've done so many different things in my time. But honestly, you need to push yourself. Because what have you got to lose? You can either procrastinate and put it off, or you can get out there, work and hopefully accomplish something great. Every small result makes me feel amazing. When I go on set and pull off an effect, and I look over and see a production runner squirm a little at someone's makeup, it honestly makes it all worth while.

So with that being said, and considering I'm currently on my way to work, I've decided that I'm going to set a goal to make a new look next week. It can be big or small, but I'm going to do something. I've been looking into getting back into photography lately, so I may even change it up a little. Who knows?

Anyway, thank you for reading guys. And I hope that even if you don't get the result you wanted, you at least took the plunge, and tried.