• SynysterFX helped out with the making of 'Blind Faith' brilliantly. From the off, I thought that the work showed by them on their page was of excellent quality and I was excited to hear what they had to offer. James' time spent on set was greatly appreciated, from make-up to stepping in as a supporting artist! I highly recommend these guys for any make-up/SFX work for your projects. It was an absolute pleasure working with SynysterFX and I hope the opportunity to work with them again presents itself!
    Rhydian Jones
    Director, Blind Faith
  • We Just finished a gore-horror short film with SynysterFX and his lovely assistant. They were amazing to work with. Firstly, we negotiated a price, SynysterFX were very considerate in understanding a student budget and seemed like they were just excited to be apart of the team! They were in regular communication about the effects and materials and were promptly on set when they were called. The props and prosthetics were super realistic and showed up great on camera. If the team encountered problems, the SynysterFX team were great with coming up with efficient alternatives! These guys are definitely cut out to work with a professional team and it's obvious how hardworking they are! If you are looking for gory prosthetics, SynysterFX are your guys!!!! Not only were they helpful in their own area of SFX but they were always willing to lend a hand in other places on set. Friendly and focused, SynysterFX are great!!!! Good luck with all your future projects, it's been a pleasure. X
    Emily Grace Tuite
    Producer, Heartless
  • SynysterFX and the team were outstanding during the production of 'Heartless'. Highly recommend their work to any aspiring film makers. They worked professionally and efficiently throughout the filming process. Their prosthetics and props were very gory and realistic. They were a pleasure to work with both James and his assistant Hayley, were extremely helpful in all aspects of Heartless. I will definitely be happy to work with SynysterFX again in future projects due to their professional standard. Best of luck to James and his work.
    Luke Formosa
    Director, Heartless
  • James from SynysterFX worked on my Horror Short, Angelystor. As well as a kickass effect involving gauged eyes, James helped create my creature¬†based on a Welsh Folklore. The creature¬†is unique, in that no one has ever visualised a creation for this Folklore, and without James, that wouldn't have been possible. He's friendly, attentive and a pleasure to work with, and can't wait to work with him again in the future. '
    Craig Fisher
    Angelystor, Director
  • I would highly recommend SynysterFX to any Producer or Director wanting authentic and extremely realistic SFX as apart of their production. Not only was all of James's work to an exceptionally high and gorily realistic standard, James was also a pleasure to work with. Being both efficient and precise, he also brought a great sense of enthusiasm and camaraderie to the set, which on any film goes a long way. I wish James the best of luck in his career, he will go a long way!
    Ashleigh Harley
    The Wall of Lyon, Director